Team Registration

Hello Captains, The SFPTL Board is asking for team restorations to be submitted by June 15, 2020. You need not send a registration fee at this time. Decisions for the planning to reopen competitive doubles tennis has not yet been determined. We will keep you posted as we continue to get the information. Good health […]

Matches Delayed until after 4/12/20

           Captains:Because of the Coronavirus, the SFPTL Board wants all Captains to reschedule any and all matches in March until after Easter in April. At that time if there are too many matches to be played, we may decide to just end the season. But it’s your choice to play your […]

Happy End of the Year

Hi,The current  SFPTL Website is on its last year of license.  It is at the point that we, the SFPTL Board have decided what a wonderful opportunity for us to get up to date, and create a new one.With this thought, we are in need of assistance; ie, someone that could help us create this […]

Captain’s Meeting 2019/2020 Season

As the new 2019/2020 SFPTL Season approaches, so does our beginning of the year Captain’s Meeting. The meeting is on Tuesday August 13 @ 11:00am  Highlands Recreation Center 1853 Lexington Ave San Mateo 650-341-4251 New rules and changes will be addressed. Captain’s folders with schedules will be handed out. Additionally we will separate and have […]

Welcome! You’ve ‘Got’ SFPTL Webpage!

BACKGROUND:     The webpage can be accessed by any SFPTL member as well as by team captains and co-captains.  Using the ACTIVE LINKS on the left side COLUMN, for example, one can retrieve any forms including the SFPTL Score Sheet, match schedules, Team Registration, Waiver of Liability or Rules and Regulations.  Please feel free to use the Contact Us any time […]